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30th Anniversary All-Star Team
Monday, February 04, 2013, 03:38:59 PM

The Perth Wildcats have announced their best team from the first three decades of the club at their 30th Anniversary Breakfast.

The team was picked by 1995 championship coach Dr Adrian Hurley, The West Australian’s online sports editor Ross Lewis, and long-time basketball broadcaster, John Gardiner.

Starting at the centre position is the Alabama Slammer, James Crawford.

In the power forward position is Scott Fisher.

At the three, the man who captained the Wildcats from 1993 to 2002, Andrew Vlahov.

In the shooting position, the reigning NBL MVP and current star of the Perth Wildcats, Kevin Lisch.

And starting at the point, the man who could steal the hubcaps off a moving car, Ricky Grace.

Filling the remaining five places are former NBL MVP, Paul Rogers, Kendal “Tiny” Pinder. six-time MVP, Shawn Redhage, James Harvey and the inaugural captain of the Wildcats, Mike Ellis.

Ellis and Andrew Vlahov were named co-captains of the side.

The coach of the 30th Anniversary All-Star team is Dr Adrian Hurley, who coached the Wildcats from 1993 – 1997, while another former championship coach, Cal Bruton, was named as the General Manager.

Kevin Lisch, a current Widcat of just four years was shocked to be named in the side.

“It’s quite a surprise, I guess four years is a long time for an import, but it’s an honour to be with those guys up there, Vlahov, Crawford, Grace, just all those guys, it’s amazing,” he said.

“To be mentioned in that top ten is just unbelievable”

No surprise was the inclusion of club legend Andrew Vlahov, who was also very proud to be named as a co-captain of the team.

“Very honoured, this club is 30 years old now and the guys that have come through, from the very beginning in 1982, to the current guys, it’s an honour to be involved, I’m very happy,” he said.

The modern day Wildcats step back into the spotlight on Friday when they take on the Adelaide 36ers at Perth Arena. Tip-off is at 6:40pm.