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Cam's Chinwag: The Final Chinwag
Thursday, April 04, 2013, 11:13:32 AM

It seems like a great opportunity for me to use my last chinwag as a way of expressing my appreciation for a club that has given me everything. Albeit a frustrating year for me personally with the decline of my body and everything that comes with that, I will always speak extremely highly of the Perth Wildcats. A basketball club to many, a family to those who are lucky enough.

Not only did this very club offer me my first chance at professional basketball at the age of 19, this same club took me back some 5 years later and offered me a chance to finish off my career in the city that I love and for a club that I love. My situation was a unique one with my lofty demands of work outside basketball. Bevo and Nick Marvin made it all happen and gifted me my dream. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that I was given and I will always have a smile knowing that I am part of the Wildcats family.

The people that I have met and shared time with at the club are what I will really treasure as I look back in the years to come. To have the pleasure of being a player in a Rob Beveridge basketball team is a true honour. He is a genius coach who understands and relates to his players. Every player under Bevo knows that they have his unequivocal support through anything and everything and I know that I will share a life-long friendship with the man that loves his Bruce Springsteen tunes. Shawn Dennis and the rest of the coaches are amazing at what they do and this most definitely extends to the support staff who are the best in the business. My teammates along the way have been great people on and off the court. I also look forward to lasting friendships with those that I have shared battle with over the years.

Speaking of battle, it is only fitting that I get to finish off my career playing in a grand final series against a team that I have most enjoyed playing. The Breakers have been a formidable outfit for some time now and the battles that we have shared with them have been most memorable. The coming GF series should be no different and I can’t wait to get out there with the boys and finish this season off in the right fashion.  It would be the most amazing way to cap this season (and my 9 year journey) with a championship win!

So with one goal left, let’s dig deep and bring that trophy back to Perth. Thanks for all the support over the years and I’ll thank the fans in advance for their support through this coming GF series. Let’s finish off in style!

Be good,

Toves #11