Wilbur the Wildcat

WilburMeet Wilbur, the Wildcats mascot!

Wilbur is the loveable, cheeky & furry mascot at every Wildcats home game, helping the Red Army to cheer on his favourite team to victory.

Wilbur loves meeting his fellow Wildcats fans and to share his excitement with high fives & hugs for everyone, big or small!

If you come to a Wildcats game, you will often see Wilbur show off some pretty impressive dance moves & sometimes even cool acrobatic tricks. One thing you know for sure, Wilbur loves to strut his stuff & push the limits.

You can always count on Wilbur the Wildcat for lots of fun & to add happiness to your day!!

Name: Wilbur

Number: #1 for the Wildcats!

Hometown: Perth

Average High 5’s per Game: 1050

Average Dance Moves per Game: 200

Average Hugs per Game: 120

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Song: Welcome to the Jungle

Favourite Movies: Space Jam & Garfield

Friends: Wildcats players & coaches, Knightcorp Dancers, Wildcats Dunk Team, Wildcats marching band and of course, all Wildcats fans!

If you would like to book Wilbur to attend your next party, please contact Faith Sutherland on 6272 0785 or


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